Milk Bath Maternity Session-Southampton, NJ

Maternity Photoshoot-Southampton, NJ

We welcomed Maria into our studio in Southampton, NJ in early December for a maternity session that included a milk bath. She brought her two older daughters to her session to be able to cherish these memories forever. Maria is pregnant with another little girl, and she’s just the best girl mom! We started our shoot outside because it was the first snowfall. Can you believe how beautiful these turned out?!

Mom and her daughters during maternity photoshoot

To keep the outdoor shots going, I just had to share this solo shot of Maria in the snow. She looked absolutely stunning out there with the lights and snow! She is just glowing with her perfect bump!

Pregnant mom in a pink dress during winter maternity shoot.

Next, we moved them inside to do some backlight shots with the beautiful pink gown that we provided. The girl’s dresses complemented the pink gown perfectly. What a powerful shot, this baby girl is so loved already by her mama and two big sisters!

Mom and daughters snuggling her pregnant belly at her maternity photoshoot.

After the backlight shots we were ready to move onto the milk bath. Maria’s mom loved the white lace so much so we incorporated that into the shoot. We wanted to keep it girly, so we added the beautiful pink flowers to the bath. She’s stunning!

Pregnant mother in white lace during milk bath maternity photoshoot

As beautiful as she was in the white lace, Maria was really drawn to the black lace. We could really tell that she felt more herself in the black lace, and it complemented her skin tone perfectly. The contrast of the black against the milk bath and pink flowers was just amazing!

Pregnant mother in milk bath wearing black lace during her maternity photoshoot.

This was such an incredible maternity photoshoot!! If you love it, then you can check out more of our maternity sessions and milk bath sessions here. Do you have lots of memories to capture in the next year? If you’re looking for one of our best deals that we have a lot of clients choose you can click here. It’s our memberships so that you can get more bang for your buck! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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