Birthday Cake Smash Session

Birthday Cake Smash Session

We welcomed Jaxson and his mom Katelyn into our Moorestown, NJ studio for a fun first birthday cake smash session and bedtime set photoshoot. Jaxson was such a little ball of energy and he had an absolute blast! We started out on the bedtime set, and he was so adorable with all his little smirks and smiles.

One year old little boy posing at his milestone photoshoot

We love how much fun he had jumping and playing on the bedtime set. He didn’t hold back and it was so cute! I mean look at his adorable face, he was having a ball hahaha!

One year old little boy smiling at his milestone photoshoot

I love this shot of Jaxson holding the number one. Once again his energy and joy were shining through in this shot. Sometimes it’s hard trying to have a toddler cooperate, but who even cares when they’re this happy walking around! Sometimes the candid shots are the best shots ๐Ÿ˜‰

One year old boy posing at his milestone photoshoot

Next, we moved onto the cake smash portion, and Jaxson LOVED the cake. He started out a little modest, but he eventually dug in ๐Ÿ˜‰

One year old boy eating his cake at his milestone photoshoot

Look at him hahaha! He didn’t have the patience for his little fingers, he went all the way in! I love this shot so much!

One year old little boy tasting his cake at his milestone photoshoot

Wasn’t Jaxson’s energy and smiles just so contagious?! He seriously was so cute and fun to photograph! Are you starting to plan your baby’s first birthday milestone? Don’t wait and let us help you come up with a fun session for you to remember this amazing part of your child’s life when they transition from baby to toddler! You can check out our website for information and place an inquiry here.

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