6 Month Milestone Photoshoot- Southampton, NJ

6 Month Milestone Photoshoot- Southampton, NJ

Happy Half-birthday sweet baby Zoe! We were welcomed into Mark and Alicia’s home to capture Zoe’s half-birthday Milestone. When we came into their home in January, we brought our lights with us, and Alicia provided us with the adorable swan rocker, butterflies, outfit, and her buddies in the background.

baby girl at her half birthday milestone photoshoot

Alicia and Zoe were the sweetest mother-daughter duo! Zoe loved playing and laughing with mommy. Their smiles could light up any room. I love being able to capture a mom with her baby since I know there aren’t nearly enough photos being taken for them both to be able to look back on the memories that were made!

Mom and baby smiling during milestone session.

How cute are Mark and Zoe during playtime?! She loved playing the game where she was pushed into the air and brought back down! Her smile and giggle spoke for itself while playing with daddy!

Dad and baby at milestone photoshoot.

During the cake smash portion of Zoe’s milestone session, she LOVED the cake. I mean she went right for it. We had to keep her from eating it since she’s only 6 months old, and only eating baby oatmeal so far HAHA! Also, can you even handle her cute little fingers?!

Cake smash during half birthday photoshoot.

Zoe is one loved and cherished little girl! This lifestyle photo is one of our favorites because you can see how genuinely happy they all are. I mean honestly, can you blame them…look at Zoe’s sweet smile!!

Mom, dad, and baby smiling during milestone session

And last but definitely not least, look at Zoe and her mama. This photo spoke to me because so many times a mom holds her baby like this, and they never get to see the pure joy that baby has bouncing on their knee just perfectly content in their mommy’s arms!

Happy mom and baby during milestone session

How cute was Zoe with her mom and dad?! Ready to learn more about our photoshoots? Here is a link to our site for milestone, newborn, family, and maternity sessions. We can’t wait to hear from you and make your next photo shoot as special as you are!

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