Struggling to keep it all together?

I got you!

Being a mom and running a photography business is hard! I’m in your shoes! 10 years in business, 3 kids, 2 dogs and a husband who works 40+ hours a week makes me the default parent. It’s a love hate relationship. I love my job, I love my kids, I love my husband!

But, it is overwhelming. Since 2018, I have been using a system that works extremely well that I don’t worry when my next client is coming in, I can spend quality time with my family and schedule my work around my kids without any guilt!

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2018… I was a mom with two kids who had a dream…

A dream that I could run a business without the overwhelm and sacrifice of time with my family. I was taking multiple courses with other photographers on how they ran their businesses successfully but nothing really clicked. I took bits and pieces from all of the education that I have taken and made it into my own system that works with my family and my business.

Looking to better balance motherhood and your business?

Photography Business Mastery for Mom’s is the solution!

Run a successful volume based business without the overwhelm

How many times have you seen educators talk about $5k sales or $10k sales and think to yourself…. how am I going to do that in my small town? That was me in 2017. I tried boutique style sales, starting with wall art and it was a flop. We need to give people want they want! If they don’t want it they won’t buy it. Learn how to sell your products with digital collections so that you differentiate yourself from your competition who only sells digital files.

Nurturing your family and business is easy!

Feel the pull and tug between your family and your business?

Is your business one of your babies too?

Learn how to schedule around your family life and outsource everything and anything! It’s easy to run a volume based business with the help of others and I will teach you how to start and find the help you need!

Becoming a marketing machine

Feel like you never know what to do for marketing?

Feel like you post so much but nothing comes from it?

Do you use your clients to your advantage and bring them back multiple times a year?

Learn how to market like its easy and create a system that is evergreen. Bring back those clients and bring in new clients with ease. Learn about: Social media strategies, SEO and blogging, expos, events and soooo much more!

kind words

Annemarie says…

“My website and SEO were a mess. Jackie helped me redesign my website to make it easy for clients to make a decision before even inquiring. This reduced the amount of unqualified inquiries and increased my booking rate significantly. To this day, I get daily inquiries and a ton of traffic to my website!”

What makes Photography Business Mastery for Mom’s different than other photography educator?


Within these five modules, you’ll discover a treasure trove of knowledge to supercharge your expertise in business management, outsourcing, masterful motherhood scheduling, and a whole lot more!

Monthly group chats

Get ready to Zoom with Jackie every month and unleash your curiosity alongside your fellow classmates. No question is too wild or too tame – we thrive on shared experiences and questions, so bring it all!

Lifetime access

While the course will be delivered gradually over time to facilitate step-by-step implementation, your access will remain forever. This means you’ll always have the opportunity to explore not only the existing content but also any new materials and bonus resources that come your way.

Are you prepared to turbocharge your business, boosting your income, striking the perfect balance between family and work life, and ensuring your clients are overjoyed?

Photography Business Mastery for Mom’s will be opening in January of 2024! For early access, join our newsletter for my free guide called: Balancing Act: A Mother’s Guide to Thriving in your Photography Business and Family Life.

frequently asked questions

I have taken so many courses, from so many amazing photographers, that I felt it never really was geared for the working mom. Mom is the default parent. Mom always has to work her schedule around the kids schedules. But, no one teaches how to successfully work around the kids while also running a successful business. I don’t want to work 40+ hours in my business. I want to work less but make more. Don’t we all! But, I never knew how to outsource. It was always looked down on OR photographers dont talk about it because they want you to think they do it all. Well, we can’t. We need help. That is why I made this course so that mom’s can learn how to make money while still being the best mom they can be!

You do! It’s all about budgeting and how to allocate your funds. We go over all of that! Just think, you do more sessions, you have less time to market, edit and spend time with your family. But, if you do more sessions, outsource the backend part of your business, that doesn’t bring in the money or clients, you can spend more time with your family or more time with clients. However you want to schedule it, is up to you! We go over the numbers. I’m not scared to share my numbers.

Photography Business Mastery for Mom’s is scheduled to launch January 2024! That being said, I have a ton of content on my social media pages @StinsmanPhotography

Yes. Final pricing is still being determined but we will definitely have a full payment option with a discount and a 2 payment option.

Absolutely! You will also see a sample of how I teach website design and structure!