A close-up photo of a man and woman holding their newborn son between them as they look down on him for a classy newborn session in Pemberton, New Jersey.

Classy Maternity and Newborn Session

Classy Maternity and Newborn Session

We welcomed Alexis and her beautiful family back into the studio for her maternity session in the Fall of 2023. Shortly after, they returned for their son’s newborn session. We always love it when our clients return to us for these monumental moments of their lives. In fact, we had the honor of photographing Alexis for her first pregnancy a few years ago as well. Watching our clients families grow and capturing this special time for them is just the best. Click here to see their daughter’s pink and floral milestone session.

First, we photographed Alexis for her maternity session. She wanted a more formal black-and-white vibe for her portraits. As you can see, Alexis is very stylish and in trend. The blazer over the brassiere look is stunning and we love all of the outfits she chooses for her photo shoots. The white, long-sleeve leotard is an option she chose from our boutique. Of course, we took couple maternity photos of her and her husband interacting with each other and full family photos to include their daughter.

Then, for her son’s newborn session, Alexis wanted a very simple but very chic vibe. Actually, we re-created some photos of her daughter’s newborn session so she can have both of them side-by-side in her home. This tan backdrop is very popular right now. Certainly, we had to capture him and his big sister together for sibling photos. As you can see, her son was awake for the majority of his session but was very comfortable and calm throughout. We are very happy to have had Alexis and her family in the studio for this classy maternity and newborn session. We are looking forward to seeing them again soon. Need some more information about a session? Inquire with us below!

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