Newborn Family Pictures- Moorestown, NJ

Newborn Family Pictures- Moorestown, NJ

We welcomed baby Chloe and her parents, Constance and Curtis, into our studio for newborn family pictures. Chloe came in so happy, so we got some great awake shots when they got here. I can’t even handle all of her dark hair, I love it!

Newborn baby girl awake at her newborn photoshoot

Mom sent me a photo of this gorgeous rust colored backdrop, and I was so excited to use it in this session! How beautiful is this color?! Also, look at her precious little smile in mama’s arms! Oh, I can’t even hahaha.

Mom snuggling her baby girl at their newborn photoshoot

This backlit shot is one of my favorites from this session! I love how mom and dad are looking/smiling at each other! Baby Chloe is so lucky to have such great parents.

Mom and dad snuggling their baby girl at their newborn photoshoot

Chloe came in in this beautiful mauve onesie, and I almost wrapped her back in her onesie thinking it was the wrap hahaha! This color is just so gorgeous on her, and it complements her skin tone just beautifully. This floral headband just pulls the look together just so perfectly!

Newborn baby girl posed at her newborn photoshoot

This family is HUGE Eagles fans! Chloe was so sleepy, we were able to get this composite photo of her leaning on this football. It’s 4 photos in one, because my assistant always keeps hands on the baby.

Newborn baby girl posed in a composite photo at her newborn photoshoot

Wasn’t this such an amazing newborn session?! Chloe was seriously so precious, and I was so happy I got to do her newborn session because I did her mom’s maternity session too! Are you looking for newborn photos soon? You can find our information here and inquire as well! We can’t wait to make these memories last a lifetime with you!

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