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5 creative and beautiful maternity photo shoot ideas

This is an incredibly busy and beautiful time of your life. A maternity shoot is the perfect way to capture this moment forever. This moment won’t last forever though, and deciding on what you should do for your maternity shoot should be a wonderful and stress free experience. We’ve comprised a list of 5 creative and beautiful ideas to help you get started.

An in studio maternity session is beautiful all year round.

An option that’s beautiful during any time of the year. Studio sessions are clean and beautiful ways to show you at your best. They’re private, and can offer great moments of intimacy. Because of the lighting control, you can take them at anytime. And, because you’re also not battling all of the other forces of nature, they really give you control over the smallest details.


Out front of our studio

Being just outside of the studio is a great way to get organic and playful shots.  It’s also a great way to incorporate to show off the season! The colors and diversity of the outside setting can be played with in a number of ways in order to really make your images pop! For example, in front of our studio, there’s a gorgeous red brick walkway that photographs beautifully any time of the year.


Why not try a milk bath?

Milk baths are stunning and popular for maternity shoots and for good reason. They are silky smooth and offer surreal and striking images. The addition of fresh flowers gives these types of shoots a graceful and natural vibe. And different flowers and colors can change the tone dramatically. There’s always a “wow factor” when looking at milk bath photos. So why not give it a try? We provide all the supplies and fresh flowers to make your experience an easy one.


On location. We have several locations around Burlington and Camden County New Jersey that are beautiful. We like to shoot during sunset or early morning to get the best light.

If you have that one perfect place in mind, why not go for it? Location shoots are a great way of encapsulating your dream setting. Shooting in a location is also a good way to unwind and get comfortable. You can play around the location, and so they’re generally perfect settings to capture some surprising and intimate moments. For locations the best light comes during sunset or sunrise. Those time frames are definitely when the shoot should take place. If you’d like to shoot in a location but not quite sure where, never fear! We know several beautiful spots around the area, and we’d be happy to make suggestions to you.


In studio bed time set.

Bed sets really let you get comfortable in the studio environment. They’re great at showing off those peaceful and subtle moments between you and your family. We offer a clean white bed set that offers a pure and harmonious setting. Though, we also can add some greenery for a little bit of color and to make it feel a bit more like home.  Whatever your taste, bed sets add a comfortable and beautiful set piece to your photos.


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