Baby Photography in Southampton, NJ

Baby Photography in Southampton, NJ

We welcomed the Patterson family into our Southampton studio in South Jersey back in February. Baby JJ was due to come in March, but he decided to make his grand debut a few weeks early ;). Michelle (mom) wanted a natural more lifestyle and those sweet newborn baby poses on the beanbag. They were such a great family to be able to shoot.

Family posed at their newborn photoshoot

Michelle also wanted photos of him awake. Look at his beautiful eyes here! I love how he was so alert looking around in his cream swaddle. Absolutely precious!

Mom snuggling her newborn baby boy at their newborn photoshoot

This shot of baby JJ is one of my favs. He snuggled right into his fetal position when we did his beanbag poses! I love how light and airy this photo looks.

Newborn baby boy sleeping in a sling at his newborn photoshoot

I wanted to make sure we got plenty of photos of big sister Hailey with her new baby brother. Hailey is such a great big sister. She was so attentive to him. She loved to hold him and be close by. Hailey was also spunky and so cute! The greenery added to the light and airy feel of this bed pose I just love!

Big sister and new baby brother staring at each other at their newborn photoshoot

Getting photos of mom and dad with baby separate from with siblings as well I really love to do. I just think it’s important as the child grows, and is able to look back on their photos they can see some photos of just them with their parents to see the special connection they share! Michelle and her husband are smiling at each other here, you can just tell they are smitten. Look how baby JJ is wide awake for this photo too! I can’t even handle it haha! The black and white is beautiful.

Mom and dad holding their newborn baby boy at their newborn session

I love being able to get uniform photos! As you can see, Dad is in the Air Force, and I just adore baby JJ all snuggled up in the cream swaddle on dad’s uniform top just snoozing away :)!

Newborn baby boy on dad's uniform top at newborn photoshoot

Isn’t this newborn session precious?! It was so light and beautiful! Looking for newborn photos? Look no further it’s our specialty! You can click here to go to our website and inquire. We can’t wait to work with you and learn about all of your ideas!

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