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8 Reasons to Hire a Professional Photographer For a New Baby | South Jersey Newborn Photographer

8 Reasons to Hire a Professional Photographer For a New Baby

Having a new baby is indescribable. It’s a wonderful experience that you should enjoy every moment of. Getting a professional photographer can ensure that you can capture a few of these precious moments.  

Photography hobbyist’s are everywhere.You probably shared a dorm with several at one point, or you have an uncle’s nephew’s high school girlfriend who would just love to take photos of you and your newborn.

While these options can be convenient, here’s 8 reasons why you should hire Stinsman Photography to freeze this special time for you.

You’ll Save Time

Simply put, Stinsman Photography can do in 2 hours what it takes an amateur to do in an entire day.

With our extensive training and personal knowledge of newborn’s and safety, we strategically plan our workflow for newborn sessions so that we can get the most poses and props out of each set.

You’re a busy person, especially with a baby. Getting photos that you’ll want forever doesn’t have to take over your entire day.

At Stinsman Photography, we are great at setting a tight schedule and making sure every moment you spend with us is well worth it and thought out.

Your Baby is in Good Hands

Your baby is your world. They are absolutely precious, and being able to trust another person is vital to a stress free and enjoyable shoot.

Jackie and her staff have the skills and experience you need to ensure that your baby is well taken care of (they are parents themselves!)

Babies need a lot. It can be stressful to try and work with a little one, but we understand that kids are just kids. Some of the best moments captured are them just being themselves.

Stinsman Photography is accommodating and able to help provide you with whatever your child needs, and we work hard to ensure you have a stress free but fun shoot.

Creative Sparks will Fly

These aren’t photos for the DMV, these shoots are creative and a lot of fun! Jackie will sit down with you and be able to add some artistic flare to your session. She will be able to work with you in developing a memorable shoot.

Stinsman Photography loves to work hard and play hard, and it will absolutely show in the end product.

This ensures that your shoot will be one of a kind. The photos produced will be truly unique and something you will definitely want to share and cherish forever.

Quality Equipment

Yeah, phone cameras are getting pretty good, but they can’t do what an entire studio filled with high quality gear can do.

Quality equipment ensures that your photographer won’t have to make style or quality compromises. This gives them the freedom to truly focus on your family’s vision. Stinsman Photography always has the latest and greatest equipment… although we do love Canon gear! haha!

From lenses, to lighting gear, to studio backdrops, we will absolutely have everything required to make a creative vision come to life!

Experience is Everything

That should go without saying. Stinsman Photography is not only bringing fancy equipment to a shoot, but also years of experience.Jackie has been a professional photographer for 7 years and her team collectively over 20 years of experience. That experience is the difference between a photo that makes you go “that’s pretty good” and a photo that makes you go “Wow!”

That also transcends with working with different clients. We will easily be able to walk your entire family through the process. You thought your family was crazy? We have seen it all and we know how to work with anyone under any situation.

Those kind of client skills only come from experience.

You’re a Part of It

There’s a reason a lot of musicians are disgruntled towards crowds using phones during a concert–they want their fans to be involved.

While we can pretty much guarantee that your shoot will be NOTHING like a punk rock concert, the same truth applies.

If you’re the one snapping the photos, you miss out on the opportunity to be a part of them. This moment is about your family, and that means you too.

With you involved the pressure is off. You don’t have to worry about anything except interacting with your child. After all, a relaxed mama means a relaxed baby.

Plus it’s always a lot more fun to be directly involved.

Post Production is Taken Care of

It’s easy to assume all photographers do is snap nice photos. But there’s so much more work involved, especially after a shoot ends.

Stinsman Photography also edits and designs each and every photo. Just like how you’re not just a parent. You’re a teacher, a provider and a friend.

Editing, printing, assembling, packing and delivering the final artwork is a lot of work. Work that definitely impacts the quality of what you’ll be getting back from us.

The End Product Will Amaze You

At the end of the day, this is why you can trust Stinsman Photography with your precious memories. You want something creative, gorgeous, memorable and powerful.

The Stinsman Team will go above and beyond. We work hard to make sure that the entire experience comes together to create an unforgettable experience and a stunning product.

Kids grow up fast, these are the moments you’ll want to remember forever–spending some time with a professional will allow you to capture those.

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