Composite photo of a twin boy sleeping in basket next to an identical one with angel wings to remember his twin sibling who passed taken during his NICU newborn session in Southampton, New Jersey.

Twin NICU Newborn Session

Twin NICU Newborn Session

Brittany and her family arrived in the studio for their son’s newborn portraits in the Spring of 2023. Actually, this session was booked for their twin boys who were born right before Thanksgiving at 28 weeks. Unfortunately, one of her boys passed and we wanted to incorporate angel wings into this special session. We are happy to have provided Brittany with the session she envisioned for her sons.

While Brittany was getting her hair and make-up done, we took portraits of her son. As you can see, he was fast asleep and we were able to achieve those classic sleeping newborn poses. Then, we moved to our white room where we carefully placed him on our beanbag to take this beautiful sibling portrait of him and his big sister. She did amazing with her baby brother!

Then, because he was still fast asleep, we did our bucket pose. Certainly, safety is our top priority so we carefully place infants in a pillow-filled bucket and have our assistant nearby in case of sudden twitches. Of course, we took photos of him with a few NICU mementos such as a preemie diaper. Shortly after, we transitioned to our cream backdrop to take perfectly posed family photos. Finally, we took individual portraits of him to make a composite photo to commemorate his twin brother. Truly, we are honored to be a part of Brittany’s twin NICU newborn session. Ready to book your next session? We would love to work with you!

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