A composite photo of a infant sleeping in a large tea cup adorned with flowers and textured blanket for her inspired newborn session in Wrightstown, New Jersey.

Classically Inspired Newborn Session

Classically Inspired Newborn Session

Laura and her husband came into our studio in the spring of 2023 for their daughter’s newborn session. During her design consultation, Laura mentioned she wanted to incorporate Beauty and The Beast into this special session. Certainly, we captured classic family portraits as well as their daughter, Bell, in our classic baby poses.

First, as Laura was getting pampered with hair and make up, we took classic poses of their daughter swaddled and comfortable for her baby portraits. As you can see, she was sleepy and relaxed as we expertly posed her in our various sets. Clearly, she was having sweet dreams as she was smiling in her sleep. We love incorporating both parent’s hands into baby portraits. In addition to the various colored wraps we have available in our studio, we also have a baby boutique available to our clients.

Then, Bella did amazing in our tiny crib photography prop as well as our classic bucket pose. Safety is our number one priority in our studio, we will always have an assistant nearby in case a baby abruptly jerks while sleeping. Finally, we transitioned to our light and bright set to capture for family portraits. Later, in the editing process, we used Photoshop to make it appear as though Bell was sleeping in the large tea cup! Composite images are convenient because we can produce images that we aren’t likely able to achieve in the studio. This classically inspired newborn session was so sweet and we are excited to see Luara and her family in the near future.

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