Twin girls posing with their cakes at their milestone photoshoo

Fall Twin Milestone Photoshoot

Fall Twin Milestone Photoshoot

We welcomed the Urso family into our Southampton, NJ studio back in November 2021 for a fall twin milestone photoshoot for their twin girls. I have to say that this was one of the most fun milestone sessions I’ve done. Brooklyn and Madelyn had personalities that were so amazing. They both had Olivia and me cracking up literally the entire session. They were absolute hams, and the camera definitely picked that up hahaha! We started off with some family photos for them before the cake smash messy portion. I definitely want to mention that big sister Gwendolyn was an absolute sweetheart too, and such a big help with her little sisters ;). Look how amazing this family of five looks!

Mom and dad posing with their three girls at their milestone photoshoot

These three girls were just in the BEST moods. Look at how happy they are sitting on our fur couch! I love that they’re all twinning in their maroon outfits.

Big sister smiling with her twin sisters at their milestone photoshoot

Now onto the cake smash! This is when the fun really began, and when I tell you we were laughing so hard at these two…just wait haha. Brooklyn stole the show with her excitement during this portion, and little miss Madelyn was a little unsure of the cake. Look at their faces hahaha! Also, just want to plug in here that all our cakes come from our amazing baker Golden Sun Artistry. You can contact her here on her Facebook page if you’re in need of a cake.

Twin girls posing with their cakes at their milestone photoshoo

Brooklyn was like “it’s ok Madelyn, I’ll eat them both. No worries” hahaha! Madelyn is a little shook and looking at mom and dad to make sure they’re seeing this too LOL. Jillian (mom) wanted the simple greenery with the little pumpkins for their fall birthday, so we added that into the backdrop here.

Twin girls posing with their cakes at milestone photoshoot

We couldn’t leave Gwendolyn out, so she came in after her little sisters did their smash cake portion for a little cake. Both twin girls are so happy and excited here to have their sister join in. Gwendolyn loved the cake too!

Twin sisters with their big sister posing at milestone photoshoot

After the mess, they were definitely ready for tubby time! We put them into the little white clawfoot tub and bucket for some more water fun. They really needed to get cleaned up a bit too lol. They had an absolute blast! You can just see the happiness on their faces here. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen such animated personalities on one-year-olds before!

Twin girls in a bath at their milestone photoshoot

When I tell you we had a blast with these girls, I mean it! They were such fun fiery little spirits haha! Mom and dad definitely had a ton to look through and laugh at. I know without a doubt that this family will look back and smile at this memory for years to come, and that makes me so happy! Are you looking to do a milestone session soon? We have so many fun options for you to pick through if you are! Classic cake smash, we have it! Have a little one whose passion is painting? We do those! Maybe watermelon is baby’s birthday theme? We can do that instead of cake too! We have so many options and ideas for milestones, and we can wait to help you plan your perfect session too! You can visit our website and inquire here to get started.

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