A newborn portrait of a baby sleeping during his photo studio session, laying on beanbag photography prop and is held by mom, dad and family dog for his baby photo shoot in Mount Laurel, New Jersey.

Lifestyle Newborn Session

Lifestyle Newborn Session

Kim and her family came into the studio for her newborn photos in the Fall of 2023. For this special day, she wanted lifestyle photography in addition to classic portraits. They wanted to capture her son awake for some of his photos. Typically, for newborn sessions, babies are very sleepy. However, we were lucky enough to get a few of him wide awake and interacting with his puppy sibling.

First, we began taking solo portraits of their son in our classic cream-colored wrap. Truly, we love partially wrapped portraits that show their little toes and fingers. Newborns change and grow rapidly so we make sure to capture all the tiny details. Then, we transitioned to the light and bright room where Jackie expertly posed Kim and her husband for family pictures and individual portraits. Kim’s flowery white dress was perfect for classic, neutral color photography.

We concluded the session with lifestyle pictures and brought in Clover. Clover, whom Kim rescued, is a Great Dane that is absolutely hysterical. Clearly, you can tell she warmed up very quickly, which is ideal. In fact, before Kim and her family left, Clover showed us how she sits her little butt on our couch. She comfortably rested and watched the session transpire. She was also a great contrast for all of the photos she was included in and is so cute! Certainly, Kim’s lifestyle newborn session brought so much joy and laughter. We cannot wait to see this beautiful family again!

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