Pregnant mom in a milk bath at her maternity photoshoot

Summer Milk Bath Maternity

Summer Milk Bath Maternity

This was such a great summer milk bath maternity session, but we will start with outdoors first 😉 We ventured out to Sayen Gardens back in August 2021 for a maternity session with Preet and her family. They love fall, so even though it was very warm Preet wore this beautiful red long dress. Her daughter and husband matched her and I just loved their style!

Mom and dad to be with their daughter at their maternity photoshoot

This grassy area with all of the flowers was the perfect spot for a photo! The red flowers just pop with her red dress. She is pregnant with baby girl number two, and she was just glowing! Have you ever seen such a perfect bump?!

Pregnant mom in a red dress at her maternity photoshoot

We technically did two sessions with Preet. She loved the outdoor sessions, and was so set on a milk bath as well. We did Sayen Gardens one day and the next day they traveled to our studio to do some indoor photos and the milk bath as well. Preet chose our white lace boho dress for her white background, and bought this adorable little white dress for her little girl. They look so cute here!

Pregnant mom and her daughter posing at her maternity photoshoot

I just love how much they all coordinated their outfits! The white background and outfits complement their gorgeous complections perfectly. Preet really liked up close photos, and this zoomed photo is just beautiful!

Pregnant mom, dad, and daughter posed at her maternity photoshoot

Next we moved onto the milk bath. She is pregnant here with baby girl number two, so the pink flowers just fit perfectly. Preet did some photos with her husband in the bath with her as well, and they were so gorgeous and intimate. We’re keeping that private though ;). She wore the beautiful white lace, and it was just so beautiful on her.

Pregnant mom in a milk bath at her maternity photoshoot

I love that we were able to give her the outdoor and milk bath that she wanted so much! Both portions of her session was so unique and beautiful, and I just know she will look back on these photos and memories and be so happy :). Are you expecting and thinking about starting to plan your maternity session? We are quickly filling up for spring and summer so don’t wait too long. You can send us an inquiry here on our website. We can’t wait to hear from you and start planning your perfect session!

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