Family Session at Palmyra Cove

Family Session at Palmyra Cove

We ventured out to Palmyra Cove in Palmyra, NJ to do a family photoshoot with Chrissy and her two boys. She has been coming to us for photos for 3 years now since 2018. We picked this spot because Chrissy loves the best of both worlds. Being just close enough to the beach and the city. So the woodsy area and the beach area really spoke to me for the best of both worlds for their shoot 😉

Mom and two sons at their family photoshoot

Landon (her oldest) and Luca (her youngest) are so enjoyable to photograph. Their personalities both are so fun and energetic. Landon is the best (almost) teenage brother to Luca. Landon played with Luca so well during the shoot to help keep him entertained. Look at how Luca is looking at his big brother here! You can just tell he adores him. So sweet!

Brothers holding hands at their family photoshoot

I wanted to get some individual shots of mom with each of her sons. I love the way this photo looks in black and white. Luca snuggling into Chrissy and both of them smiling here is so precious. I know these photos are so special to her to be able to look back at her boys at these ages with her.

Mom with her youngest son at their family photoshoot

After we did the woodsy area, we moved into the beach area so the boys could play some more. This photo is so sweet. Look at how both of them are looking at their mama. I feel so much love in this photo. She is such an amazing mom!

Mom and her 2 sons at their family photoshoot

I couldn’t go without adding a photo of just Landon and Chrissy as well. A mama and her first born son is so special no matter how old they get! Even if he’s a little taller than she is now 😉

Mom with her firstborn son at their family photoshoot

Lastly, this photo of the three of them standing on the beach is just beautiful! I just love their outlines as the sun is going down and shining on the water. With the best of both worlds (woods and beach) in one photo for her 🙂

Mom and her two sons holding hand at their family photoshoot

Wasn’t this family session beautiful?! Are you also looking for outdoor photos? We would love to discuss some of our other outdoor destinations with you! You can find our family sessions info here! We can’t wait to give you the best of both worlds too 😉

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