Family overlooking a pond at their family photoshoot

Fall Family Photoshoot

Fall Family Photoshoot

We ventured out to Sayen Gardens in Hamilton, NJ back in October 2021 with the Garganio family for a fun fall family photoshoot! This is one of our favorite locations to shoot at during the spring and summer, but as you can see, these fall photos are just as gorgeous. This family has been with me for quite some time now. Earlier this month you saw their baby boy’s first birthday blog (linked here), and I just enjoy capturing this family’s memories so much! So far I have captured pregnancies, newborns, first birthdays, Santa, and other minis.

Family walking down a road at their outdoor family photoshoot

I just love that mommy and me (Morgan), and daddy and me (Noah) are all matchy haha! Thes fall colors on them are so beautiful. We found this little cove with the rocks, and I obviously had to make them sit for a posed family photo. It was perfect, and I love how it turned out!

Parents posing with their son and daughter on rocks at their family photoshoot

I just love how mom and dad just embrace the crazy! We have Morgan peeking down at the pond, and Noah trying to escape mom’s arms to get to his sister haha! They still managed to sneak a smooch though. The purple leaves changing in the back just pop with Kristin’s (mom) mustard dress so beautifully here!

Mom and dad kissing while their kids play at family photoshoot

I want to add this photo of dad and Noah by themselves. I just adore this photo so much! Noah’s little tongue just kills me haha. The sun peeking through, dad’s proud smile looking at his baby boy, and the fall leaves…just perfect! The details with the sun peeking through that tree showing Noah’s little chickie fuzz is so cute.

Dad with his baby boy at their family photoshoot

Last but not least, this photo literally describes parenthood! Just being content, holding your baby, and watching your other kiddos play is just heaven. The gorgeous pond is just an added bonus ;). Also, that Pampas Grass is just so pretty!

Family overlooking a pond at their family photoshoot

This family just means so much to me! This is what it means the most to me as a photographer. Building relationships with clients and getting to watch their families grow is literally the best! I know that they will enjoy looking back on these photos for years to come. I know this might sound crazy but…are you thinking about your fall family photos for this year? Believe it or not, we have already booked some! You can inquire here on our website, and we can get to discussing some gorgeous fall locations and planning. We can’t wait to hear from you 🙂

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