Family posing at their family photoshoot

Boundary Creek Fall Photoshoot

Boundary Creek Fall Photoshoot

We ventured out with the Hansen family back in October 2021 for a fun Boundary Creek fall photoshoot in Moorestown, New Jersey. This family has been with us for a while. They came to us for Santa sessions, and now we do yearly family photos with them! I love getting to watch their two kiddos Dominic and Jules grow each year. It’s literally the best part of my job!

Family posing at their family photoshoot

Maria and Justin (mom and dad) prefer candid shots over posed. You can’t blame them because candid photos are the best memories to look back on! These two photos of Jules and Dominic are two of my favorites from the entire session! Look at the pure joy on their sweet faces.

The tickle fights! You can almost hear Jules’s little laugh in this photo. Sometimes being the smallest means you’re the target ;). I don’t think she minded one bit though hahaha!

Family playing in a candid photo at their family photoshoot

This photo makes me laugh so hard. Dominic has his sister right in a headlock hahaha! Jules is still just cheesing away even in her headlock position haha! Pure happiness is the best description of this photo!

Family posing at their family photoshoot

As moms, we’re the ones taking 90% of the photos of our family. The best part about these sessions is being able to capture the moms too! This is another reason candid is so fun capturing. Maria is just playing with her little girl here. Having fun and being present as her momma. I know she will cherish this photo forever!

Mom and daughter playing at their family photoshoot

This fall session was definitely one for the books! The Hansen family is so fun and goes with the flow. I just adore being able to capture these memories for them to look back on forever! Are you needing some up-to-date photos? Now is definitely the time for you to reach out to us if you’re wanting fall photos before we’re completely booked for the year. You can inquire here on our website for more information! We can’t wait to help you create your dream session.

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