Infant Milestones in Moorestown, NJ

Infant Milestones in Moorestown, NJ

We welcomed Melissa and sweet Annalise into our Moorestown studio for her first birthday milestone session. Annalise is a pandemic baby so they missed out on the newborn photos, but we got some gorgeous and simple portrait style photos! All infant milestones are important, not just newborn sessions 😉 She was so smiley and happy!

baby girl at her 1st birthday milestone photoshoot

The blocks were a huge hit for her! She loved them so much, and I even got a great shot of her toes and fingers and toes holding them. I LOVE those adorable chubby baby fingers and toes.

Baby girl holding blocks at her first birthday milestone photoshoot

Here she is with the blocks again HAHA! I love her outfit switch here in the cream romper and dark backdrop. I think it makes her eyes pop beautifully. All of the textures here are perfect with the lace, flower headband, and flowers in the backdrop.

Baby girl smiling at her first birthday photoshoot

Look at her taking a little taste of her cake! She’s so cute! Of course, our cake is from the amazing Golden Sun Artistry. It came naked, and I added the flowers and greenery to keep it more simple.

Baby girl tasting her cake at her cake smash photoshoot

She wasn’t so sure about the cake. Her touches were so dainty haha! I love this different view of her digging in. It shows her little details which as so sweet!

Baby girl touching her cake at her cake smash photoshoot

Wasn’t this first birthday milestone just so precious?! Annalise was so amazing, and I adored the dark outfit with light background and then a light outfit with a dark background. Are you ready to start planning out your little one’s milestone session? You can see how to inquire here and look at our website. I can’t wait to help you plan a fun session!

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