Newborn In-Home Session

Newborn Baby Girl In-Home Session

We ventured out to Philadelphia for a newborn in-home session with baby Azaria back in August 2021. We also did her mom’s (Michaela) milk bath maternity session that we will link once it’s completed! Mom really loved beanbag poses, so that’s what we focused on. Baby Azaria was a dream and slept most of the session! Look at all that hair. You can’t tell me that she doesn’t give you a little baby fever haha!

Newborn baby girl posed at her newborn photoshoot

This adorable awake shot of her in this beautiful purple wrap and headband is one of my favorites from her session. Baby Azaria is bright-eyed in this photo!! It’s definitely one of my favorites from this session.

Newborn baby girl posed at her newborn photoshoot

Michaela specifically asked for the froggy pose. This is a pose that we only do upon request because it’s hard to achieve. It can also be very dangerous if the baby isn’t fully asleep, and if you don’t have an assistant to keep hands on the baby at all times. I’d rather photoshop hands over the baby jerking and hurting her/himself. Safety is the number one priority at all times! As you can see, baby Azaria did amazing and this photo is perfect. She’s so sweet!!

Newborn baby girl posed at her newborn photoshoot

Here is another adorable awake photo of Azaria! Even though she was awake, she was so calm and happy. We’re always ok with happy and awake babies too :). I love her in this little sleep cap with the little stuffed mouse hahaha!

Newborn baby girl posed at her newborn photoshoot

I think…she may be a little milk drunk here hahaha!! She is just chillin’ in this photo. Totally content! We love adding different textures to maternity sessions. The cream chunky blanket and fur rug together is a look that I just love! Her little pop of purple on her headband to keep the purple theme from the beginning is so sweet as well 🙂

Newborn baby girl posed at her newborn photoshoot

Azaria’s session was so amazing! With Michaela being a return client from her maternity, we are more than honored she wanted us to do her newborn session as well! Azaria was so happy and sleepy the entire time, and we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect in-home session! Are you wanting an in-home newborn session? We can tell you everything included in that on our website linked below. Are you thinking of joining our baby plan? This is the best deal if you’re wanting more than one session! So our baby plan includes maternity, newborn, and first birthday. You can inquire here on our website, and we will fill you in on all the details for the plan or just maternity or newborn. We can’t wait to help you custom design your dream session to cherish forever 🙂

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