An infant portrait of a girl resting on her back as she is swaddled, wearing headband and alert with hearts surrounding her head for her floral Newborn session in Southampton, New Jersey.

In-Studio Floral Newborn Session

In-Studio Floral Newborn Session

We welcomed back Joti and her family into our studio in May 2023. Actually, we photographed Joti during her first pregnancy, a maternity and newborn session in 2021. You can read about her sessions here. We are so grateful for our clients, and we love seeing their families grow. For this session, we took several solo portraits, sibling portraits, full family photos, and composite portraits as well. Most of the pictures incorporate flowers and we took pictures that include her grandparents as well.

First, as Joti was getting her hair and make-up done, we took solo portraits of her daughter. Typically, we photograph babies 12-20 days after birth to achieve those dreamy, sleepy baby photos. Joti opted for a newborn session when her daughter was about 2 months old because she wanted awake photos. As you can see, we had no problem capturing her big brown eyes. Also, awake babies are great at wiggling out of swaddles, which is why her wrap is slightly loose. Nevertheless, her portraits are striking and beautiful.

Then, we transitioned her to another set that had our tiny crib. Of course, we took several family portraits in our white room. Certainly, we used various backdrops for this session such as our custom flower-adorned backdrop and our light and bright set in our white room. This session was so much fun and so full of love because it was a family event. We are so lucky to have been a part of, not only one but both of Joti’s pregnancy journeys.

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A infant portrait of a girl awake and resting on her back, wearing headband and swaddled for her in-studio floral newborn session in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

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