Pregnant mom holding belly wearing dress for her luxurious maternity session in Morristown, New Jersey.

Luxurious Maternity and In-Studio Newborn Session

Luxurious Maternity and In-Studio Newborn Session

Joti and her husband came in for their maternity photoshoot during Winter. Joti wanted to have a lush greenery feel for her session, we found the perfect location, a greenhouse named Ott’s Exotic Plants in Schwenksville, PA. In this session, we were able to capture beautiful maternity portraits on-location and in our studio in Southampton, New Jersey. For Joti’s newborn session, we kept it light and bright, incorporated some props, and found the perfect digital backdrop to get the perfect image for her baby girl’s nursery theme. Take a look at this luxurious maternity and in-studio newborn session.

First, we went on-location to Ott’s where Joti wore a glamourous red maternity dress to contrast the lush greenery. We were able to walk around the entire greenhouse, it was absolutely gorgeous and, to my surprise, very warm inside. It was so fun to shoot at this location, it presented attractive contrast and textures throughout.

Ultimately, we drove back to the studio to get lots of in-studio images. Of course, we had to do our very popular backlit shot with our white angelic dress. Certainly, we re-created this image at their newborn session to include their baby girl. Joti also wanted to incorporate a fabric-tossing shot. Actually, our awesome editor added some fabric digitally to the bottom to exaggerate the movement. So beautiful!

A few months later, Joti came in for her newborn session, and her precious baby girl did not want to sleep for most of the session. As a result, we were able to capture plenty of happy and awake photos. We were also able to get stunning family portraits.

Newborn girl swaddled with bear backdrop for her in-studio newborn session in Pemberton, New Jersey.

Actually, this bear shot is a composite! This is where we purchase a digital backdrop from an artist, then we photoshop baby into the backdrop. Joti wanted to have a bear theme in her nursery and just could not find the correct bears that she wanted. For this reason, we found this digital backdrop that was perfect for what she was looking for.

Hands of mom and dad holding sleepy baby girl for her in-studio session in Paterson, New Jersey.

Of course, we had to incorporate our favored backlit shot in this newborn session. As a matter of fact, Joti decided on this image for the front of the custom albums for both of their sessions. We also shot some beautiful family portraits this session. Joti and her family were so fun to work with and we are so happy we could provide Joti with the maternity and newborn session she envisioned. Would you like to be photographed in lush greenery? Have a digital backdrop you would like to incorporate into your session? We would love to make that happen for you!

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