Close up of a infant girl awake and wrapped for her professional baby photography session when she is three months old in Pemberton, New Jersey.

3mo In-studio Newborn Session

3mo In-studio Newborn Session

We welcomed Stephanie and her family into our studio in the spring of 2023. Newborn sessions are traditionally done within 2 to 4 weeks after birth. This specific timeframe is ideal for those sleepy newborn poses that people know and love. However Stephanie decided she wanted a session where her daughter was more awake so we did her session at 3 months old. You will see several newborn portraits, sibling pictures, and precious family photos in our various sets.

First, we started by taking the newborn photos as Stephanie was getting her make-up and hair done. Their baby was very awake and happy as Jackie expertly swaddled and posed her for her portraits. Around this age babies are very strong and like to move so we were sure to capture her partially and fully wrapped when we could.

Then, when Stephanie was done with hair and make-up, we moved to our bed set for family pictures. As you can see, we started with sibling portraits, big brother was very happy and did a great job holding his baby sister for their photos. Eventually, she fell asleep on the mattress so we were sure to take close-ups of her ever-changing features. Certainly, we took this time to take full family photos as she slept peacefully in her mother’s arms.

Finally, ended the session in our light and bright set which is a client favorite. Surely, we posed Stephanie and her husband for some of our favorite couple photos. We brought in a ladder so her big brother could sit on and dote on his little sister along with his parents. Clearly, their baby girl was still fast asleep so we took this opportunity to photograph her in our tiny crib for a classic newborn portrait. We are so happy to have given Stephanie and her family the 3mo in-studio newborn session that they envisioned for their daughter. We would love to have you in our studio! Inquire with us below!

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