Welcome Home Soldier – Philadelphia International Airport – Delran NJ

Less than 24 hours ago, I saw my friend post on her facebook that she was picking up her hubby from the airport for a short visit…

This friend is actually my first bride of 2014. Her husband deployed shortly after their wedding.

I jumped at the opportunity to photograph this special moment for them.

I didn’t know how it would feel, but now I do.

The emotions, tears, happiness, excitement and just shear joy!

I am so happy to have captured this moment… and I’m crying again.


Please enjoy the love and excitement!!!


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  1. Such an awesome moment I’m sure!! Congrats on the return (even tho its only for a short visit) and hope you all have the best of times while together!! Hope to see you all soon!! And as always thank you for all you do to serve the country!