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Milk & Cookie Mini Sessions to benefit the Virtua NICU | Virtua Foundation | New Jersey Mini Session Photos

Back in 2016, yes that was only a few days ago, but I decided that I wanted to take some time to think about my business, work on the website, blogging, continue my education and spend some quality time with my family. So I decided that I didn’t want to work past Dec 4th, after the Santa Mini Sessions, so I could hit my goal. Well of course, I knew I would get bored and since it was close to the holidays, I knew everyone would already have their family photos done for their christmas cards. Instead, I thought about what I could do as a charity event or donate to a charity. Since I am photographing more newborns and children, I wanted to pick a charity that would benefit children. Ronald McDonald House? St. Jude? No, I wanted to do something local to support our local community. Then, I thought about when I had my son and how I had an amazing experience at Virtua in Voorhees. Even though I had a great experience and my son was healthy, I know that is not the case for everyone. So I thought, how can I benefit sick babies with Virtua? Well, that was easy. I decided to focus my charity event to benefit the NICU at Virtua. Not only is the hospital amazing, delivers the most babies in south jersey, but they also have the most advanced technology to support premature and sick newborns.

I got in contact with the marketing director and we talked about the mini session and how it would benefit the NICU. She thought it was an amazing idea!

We raised $500 for the NICU that day and it was soo much fun!!!! Seeing the kids smile and who doesn’t love cookies? HAHA

Please enjoy some of our cuties who came to the studio and we capture their chocolate teeth and milk mustaches!!

family sitting and eating cookies

kid climbing through pillows

3 year old laying stomach posing for a photo

blonde boy loves milk and cookies

brother and sister sitting and posing for a photo

hanging out and eating cookies in bed

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  1. What a great way to give back! very sweet images from your mini session, I’m sure the families had a ton of fun!