Grounds for Sculpture and Lenola Fire Department | Hamilton NJ and Maple Shade NJ | Andrew and Lesley’s Wedding Day

It all started when I ran a free photo session over one year ago. Lesley was the 500th like on my facebook page and I messaged her about her session.

She is was also the girlfriend of Andrew; We graduated High School together.

She said she wanted to do a photo shoot with them two and the dogs. Great! I love dogs.

The next day, Andrew messaged me on Facebook and asked if I would interested in doing a surprise engagement…


So we set it up that he would be at “work.” I met with him ahead of time to get photos of him and his friends.

They would be riding in the back of the EMS truck.

As I left the station, I just got chills. It was happening!!!

I met with Lesley at their house and we sat down. She apologized she Andrew being late.

Then I told her we should go outside for some portraits since the sun was going outside. She was hesitant… who wouldn’t be… why do I need to take some portraits at 7 o’clock at night during a consultation?!?!?!

As we were taking photos, they turned on the ambulance lights and here he comes down the street.

She was not happy at first, but when he got out of the truck, his smile just said it all.

He got down on one knee, she was extremely surprised, happy, and shocked all in one!

She then turned around to see all of her family and friends right there to witness it all!

It was such an amazing day! I still get goosebumps!

Fast forward one year later.

The engagement photos are done, invited sent, and everyone was arriving for the big day.

Lesley looked absolutely stunning in her long gown.

Andrew looked fantastic in his grey suit.

All the bridesmaids had gorgeous flower crowns.

The Venue: Grounds for Sculpture

Even though it was drizzling the entire ceremony, Mother Nature held out for the recession to downpour.

Enjoy the O’Donnell’s beautiful, fairy tale wedding day!


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