Black-and-white photo of a man and woman touching foreheads as he holds her belly for their famous portrait photographers in South Jersey.

In-Studio Maternity and Newborn Session

In-Studio Maternity and Newborn Session

Angelica and her husband came to our studio for her maternity session in February 2023. They opted for our Baby Plan which includes maternity, newborn, and first birthday for a session fee of $395. In fact, hair and makeup are included in the session for the maternity and newborn sessions. So all you have to do is show up! Certainly, we have over 30 dresses available for our Mom clients to use on their special days. For Angelica sessions, we took black-and-white portraits, beautiful couple portraits and used our black and cream backdrops.

The Maternity Session

Clearly, Angelica looked absolutely gorgeous in her gold and blue velvet dress that she brought from Baltic Born Clothing. Then, we also took photos of her in the same dress on our black backdrop which photographed beautifully. Actually, we did use two of our dresses, the black and white lace dresses as well. Finally, we ended her maternity session with her in our white BoHo chic dress in our white room set.

The Newborn Session

A few weeks later Angelica and her husband returned with their adorable son. This session was a dream to capture because he was awake for most of the photos. We love these portraits because we got a lot of him looking straight into the camera which is always special. This in-studio newborn and maternity session was the perfect start to their Baby Plan. Surely, we are so excited to start planning his first birthday session soon! Would you opt for our Baby Plan? We would love to work with you!

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