2nd Birthday Milestone Session

2nd Birthday Milestone Session

We welcomed Marcella into our Southampton, New Jersey studio in South Jersey for her 2nd birthday milestone session. We missed her first birthday last year due to the pandemic, so we were so excited to capture this special time for her family. Starting out, we did some beautiful formal photos with her grandparents to start the session out, but then we moved to a paint splash for the fun part!

Little girl painting at her 2nd birthday milestone photoshoot

Marcella LOVES painting at home, so I think that having a paint splash/ paint theme is such an adorable idea to have for a 2-year-old’s birthday. I mean name a 2-year-old that doesn’t like some form of painting….I’ll wait hahahaha!! She’s so cute!

Little girl painting at her second birthday milestone photoshoot

Marcella was a little nervous to get messy, but after we showed her that it was okay, she had a BLAST. I say the messier the better 😉 Here she’s putting her little painted foot right through the “O” that goes in her “TWO” letters, haha how adorable is she?!

Little girl painting at her 2 year old milestone photoshoot

Once she realized she could use her hands it was game over. Look at Marcella painting her face HAHAHA! This pic cracks me up because the pure joy in her little face is priceless.

Little girl playing with paint at her 2 year old birthday milestone photoshoot

This photo is one of my favorites! She had an absolute blast, and I couldn’t have planned for a better 2nd birthday milestone session than this one. Marcella is just an absolute doll!

Little girl smiling at her 2 year old paint themed milestone photoshoot

I really loved this idea for a milestone session. It’s a no-brainer that adding in fun and playing for kiddos at photoshoots is going to get some genuine smiles and happiness to be able to capture for you to have memories of for a lifetime! Ready to book your milestone session? Here is our website so that you can look and inquire! We can’t wait to have fun planning and capturing your best moments too!

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