Dear Dads. I have the best Mother’s Day Gift for 2020. | South Jersey Family Photographer

Dear Dads,

I know you’re probably reading this on your cell phone right now. You probably have your phone in your hand, in your pocket or close by at all times- I know I do. 

This Mother’s Day, I’m challenging you to give the mother of your children the best gift you’ll ever give her. 

I want you to give her memories. I want you to do her a favor and take more pictures. Not the get dressed up, book a photographer type pictures (keep me in mind if you decide to go that route though 😂). 

I am talking about pictures of her. Pictures of the mother of your children. Pictures of the love of your life. Pictures of the one who goes above and beyond to make every day special. 

The one who drives you crazy going to 909 different stores to make sure the red haired, zombie with two teeth missing, the sold out video game or the Hatchimal makes it under the tree. The one who eats her dinner cold or atleast did for the first 3 years of your children’s life. The one who sacrificed not only her body, but life as she knew it to transform into the mother you are so proud of. 

I get it, men aren’t always great at telling us how AMAZING we are or how great of a job we are doing. This is your chance to show her! 

Take the pictures. Make a memory.

When she’s fallen asleep beside your toddler after trying to get them back in their own bed for the 100th time. When she’s snuggled up reading to them. When she’s dancing in the kitchen like a crazy fool, hit the record button. When she’s teaching your daughter how to do math. When she’s kissing a scraped knee, when she’s teaching them to cook. When she’s rolling around on the floor playing with them.

Take the pictures. Make a memory.

Time goes by so incredibly fast and everyday her babies are getting older. It won’t be long before they’ll be gone, ignoring her phone calls and she’ll get the heartbreaking call that they’ll be spending Christmas with their partner’s family instead. 

Take the pictures. Make the memories.

No one wants to think about it but the truth is one day she will be gone and all the kids will have left of her are the memories. 

So take the pictures. Make the memories.

Show them how incredibly deeply she loved them. Take the pictures so she can remember how silly she was. Take the pictures so they can see how beautiful she was. It doesn’t matter if she’s in pajamas, has no make up on or tells you not to. 

Take the pictures. Make the memories.

I know you don’t always think of it. But some things just can’t be captured in a selfie. So when the thought crosses your mind, whip out your phone and take the picture. Make a memory.

Your wife and your kids will be so grateful you did. 

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