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The Benefits of Multiple Session Packages for your Baby’s First Year Photos

There are so many moments within your baby’s first year that you’re going to want to capture forever, that it’s hard to figure out if you should just focus on one key moment, or if multiple shoots are particularly worth it.

For your child’s first year, multiple sessions are worth it. Baby’s grow fast and they grow the most during their first year. Being able to compile a set of professional photos of this growth journey is something you’re not going to want to miss out on.

This is also the perfect package for the busy family with multiple children at different stages as well. One child is turning one, another is having their communion, another is going to prom and another is graduating… that is four family milestones in itself that need to be photographed!

We specialize in providing packages that will take the best moments throughout the year, and provide you with unforgettable memories that you get to keep forever. Here’s some of the benefits of getting a session package.

You Don’t Have to Worry about Scheduling

When doing a yearly session package, the scheduling is done between you and Stinsman Photography when you first order the package. You know from the start exactly what days the shoot will be and what to expect.

You don’t have to plan individual sessions or worry about the logistics beyond just being there at the right time and place.

For our own Heirloom Membership package, we sit down and talk to you about 4 photography sessions throughout the year. Depending on the package, 2 can be outdoor. We can help plot out for you the best path for your child’s first year from the get-go.

You Don’t Have to Worry about Missing a Key Milestone

The point of session packages is to capture the key moments throughout your child’s first year. If you’re a new parent, this can be hard to figure out on your own.

We’re experts in determining a baby’s first year milestones, and we’re experts in designing sessions that will show off each milestone moment in a unique and beautiful way.

Baby’s grow fast. We’d love to work with you to plot out your baby’s key milestones so that you don’t have to worry about missing a thing.

They Add Value

Getting an entire package shoot is, yes, a better financial decision than scheduling multiple individual sessions. You will save some money. But there’s also much more intrinsic value to be had.

The point of our own Heirloom Package is to provide you and your child with an overall experience that you will remember forever. Working with a photographer should be a great collaborative, creative, and fun experience!  Working with the same photographer from the start will also ensure that the entire package will be holistic in nature.

This is an experience you get to be an active part of throughout the year, without having to do the heavy lifting. You’ll be part of the creative design from the start, we’ll give you digital images every month, and we’ll schedule viewing appointments so that you can pick your absolute favorite photos.

They Tell a Story

Your baby grows so much within that first year. Not only have you been able to capture those moments of growth, but you now have the makings of a story that tells the tale of your child’s first wonderful year of life.

It’s important to remember that while the focus has been on your child, this is your story too. This is the story of your baby. Of your first year getting to share the world with this wonderful little person.  

This is where we can help take this a step further. We’d love to compile you a custom album that showcases this story in a product that you will keep forever.

We can help you craft gifts for your family and friends as well to help share this experience with your loved ones.

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