Must Have Supplies for your First Baby – Tips from a Mom

Hey! Don’t you just love walking through Babies R Us or Buy Buy Baby with the gun. Yes, the gun that adds that wonderful item to your baby registry. But, what do you actually need instead of what you actually want. When I was doing my registry, I did sooooo much research and got sooooo many wanted and unwanted opinions from moms. Old, new, young and seasoned moms. But, what actually worked for me? What do I absolutely love and use all the time. Well, here is a list of what I LOVE!!!!

Stroller- Britax B -Ready Stroller. I LOVE this stroller. I mean really love. It’s amazing. So, I was between this and the Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller. We plan to have more than one child so I wanted something that would convert into a double stroller eventually. I love the Baby Jogger but to be completely honest, it’s a tank. It’s gigantic and heavy. The Britax was my second choice and you can add the seat to the under carriage. It’s big but not a tank and I can carry it with one arm while I have the car seat in the other arm. Don’t worry, you’ll be doing two things at once when that little one comes and you will be happy the stroller is the lighter one hahaha. The Britax stroller comes with a seat that can be forwards or backwards facing. Also tilts completely flat. 4 different sitting positions and a hand railing for the front. I do wish it had a food tray but its was not a big deal for me.

Car Seat- Britax B-Safe 35 Elite. Love it. It has a metal frame which is the best type of car seat out there with the best safety ratings. Best part is that is clips directly into the stroller! WIN WIN!!! No straps or unsafe bars holding it into the stroller. I love the head pads so that my son’s head doesn’t bounce back and forth.

Blankets- Muslin blankets. The best! They are big enough to swaddle and also to cover for when nursing. Light for summer and a nice cover for winter. I always had a blanket on my son in the stroller in the summer so his delicate skin would not get burnt.

Nursing supplies- Medela Breast Pump is the best with the most variety in supplies. Different sizes for different breasts and works very well. I also have the pump bra for hands free pumping. FYI, it is a pain in the butt to hold both shields on while pumping. Get a hands free bra. A lot of pumps are covered under your insurance and I have found that the Medela is the most frequently found product. Keep your receipts for any supplies your purchase that your insurance does not cover because you can claim these items on your tax returns!

Boppy- That’s just it… a Boppy. Great for nursing and great for putting baby on to start tummy time. My son hated tummy time until we started using the boppy to prop his head up.

Noise Machine – I didn’t want my son to be a light sleeper, so we started the noise machine from day one. The noise makes your baby feel like he’s back in the womb. Babies do not like the quiet. Going from a noising environment to a quiet enviroment that is cold is not fun. Keep it loud and warm for them.

Diapers- Pampers swaddlers.  These were the gentlest for my son’s explosions and I did not have any problems with leakage.

Diaper Rash Cream– California Baby diaper rash cream. The best. Smells the best and is cooling for them. Rash would be gone the next morning.

Shampoo and Body wash- California baby sensitive skin. I have very sensitive skin so I made sure to sure the same for my son. I did not want him to get blotchy or rashy so young.

Pack N Play with a Napper – The napper was a god sent! Seriously. My son had relux and always wanted to be rocked. The Nappy has a vibrator on it to keep him moving. He loved it and we finally got some sleep lol. If you don’t want that, I hear alot of people compare it to the Rock N Play. My doctor even said that being elevated is fine as long as there are no toys or blankets by his face and he isn’t rolling over yet.

Sophie-Literally the best chew toy ever. My son loved it better then keys or a wash cloth because it have different shapes throughout it. Just be careful to watch them. My son liked to put the feet him his mouth and he would choke himself.

These are some must haves that I loved when my son first came home from the hospital. I hope these were a help in your decision making!

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