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Womb Wednesday | Tips for Pregnancy during your first trimester


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Womb Wednesday | Tips for Pregnancy during your first trimester

Pregnancy is a blessing, a miracle and down right hard. When I found out I was pregnant, I had just returned from an overseas trip to Macedonia and Greece to see my husband who was deployed. Now, getting pregnant during a 4 day trip was not planned. HAHA

When I found out I was pregnant, I didn’t know that technically I was 4 weeks along… I had just seen my husband 2 weeks ago, that makes no sense. Well, technically you start your “pregnancy” when you start your last period… Weird and confusing but at least you get 2 weeks without any sickness HAHA

So, when we found out I was pregnant, I texted my husband right away and said he needed to Skype me. I didn’t want to tell him in a text. I wanted to see his reaction. Well it was the best reaction ever! He was so happy, excited and even more ready to come home. That evening I went to my parents house for “dinner” and gave them a gift each. I have my mom a Valentine’s Day onesie, since it was right before Valentine’s Day when I found out. I gave my dad little boy baseball slippers. They were soooo happy.

4 weeks was great! No nausea, no sickness, no problems.

5 weeks was a completely different story.

Nausea, sickness, migraines, bloating, you name it I had it.

My symptoms didn’t let up until 16 weeks!!! But, I do have some tips, tricks and products that I used very often.

Ginger Ale

I am not a soda drinker but the ginger and the bubbles settled my nausea.


I was not very healthy snacker until I realized how much I was eating. HAHA Pretzels always helped but they bloated me. Veggies and ranch helped a lot also and they are low in calories. Having smaller meals will keep for belly full and happy.

Essential Oils

Peppermint helped me with my migraines. I suffered from migraines since I was 16 years old. I had a head injury that caused them. The first trimester was absolutely horrendous because I could not take my normal medication. It could potentially cause birth defects and I was in now way going to risk that. I used coconut oil to be the “carrier.” Used a large spoonful in my palm and put 3-4 drops in my palm. The heat of my palm would soften the coconut oil.

Lavendar helped with relaxing. I used 4-5 drops in a hot bath and relaxed for 20 minutes.

(Some people are against essential oils in the first trimester… I asked my doctor and he said it was fine as long as you used them correctly. This is just a personal choice that I made so that I did not have to put medications into my body. I use Young Living.)

Tons of water

Cucumber, lemon, crystallized ginger in a water bottle helped with nausea and keeping me hydrated.

Herbal Tea

Traditional Medicinals has a great pregnancy tea. I loved it. I then switched over to several of their teas since they are organic and non-gmo.

Start lathering up now!!!

I had some horrible stretch marks. (still do) Even though stretch marks are hereditary and my mother had stretch marks for years… I recommend you start to get used to moisturizing that belly now!

Get some SLEEP!

I literally slept 16 hours one night. No lie… My foster dog, Dorie, woke me up one night while I slept on the couch so that I could feed her and my own two dogs dinner. Get as much sleep as you can. While sleeping you don’t feel sick too lol

Even though this first trimester is hard and sometimes you may wonder how a small human being can cause so much sickness and headache… It is such a blessing to become a Mom. I would not change it for the world and as much as I told my husband we are adopting our next child, I would do it again… in a year. HAHA! Hope this helped out!

Comment below with those baby bellies!!!

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