What is lifestyle newborn photography?

mom and dad kissing for newborn photo shoot

One of the most common questions I get from parents is what the difference is between lifestyle newborn photography and traditional studio newborn photography. As a photographer, I can sometimes forget that the terms I use aren’t familiar to everybody! So, I wanted to take some time to explain what lifestyle newborn photography is and how it differs from a posed newborn session.

Every newborn photographer and session is different. Each photographer has a different style of imagery, and they adapt their photography to suit each client and best capture their dynamics. Newborn photography can involve careful posing of your baby with props and backdrops, or it can involve photographing your child and family at home in the nursery and with the parents or siblings.

Lifestyle newborn photography involves capturing the newborn and their family in their natural home environment. These images are not posed but instead show the parents, siblings and even pets interacting with the baby in the nursery or home. The baby is photographed in whatever poses they naturally move into on their own, rather than specific poses chosen by the photographer.

A lifestyle newborn photographer will still direct the session, telling the parents where to sit or stand and what part of the room to be in or what activity to do. But the photographer will not position the baby or the family in a specific pose or ask them to look at the camera.

While both a posed newborn session and a lifestyle newborn session can include additional family members, a lifestyle session tends to focus more on the baby’s relationship to the family and show everyone interacting together. Lifestyle photography is generally taken in the home rather than a studio, to show the family in their most comfortable and natural setting. This type of session is especially beneficial for parents who don’t want to pack up their diaper bag and take their baby into a studio for a posed newborn session.

Lifestyle newborn photos have a more authentic and natural look which is becoming more and more popular. There are no props or backdrops except what’s on hand, and the lighting is often natural light from sources like windows and doors within the home.

Many parents choose lifestyle newborn photography because it allows both the baby and the rest of the family to feel more comfortable. Instead of worrying about the newborn adjusting to an unfamiliar environment, the entire family can settle down in the nursery, the bedroom or living room and get authentic images of their life together at home as a growing family. Just like with posed newborn photography, the goal of lifestyle newborn photography is to keep the baby as comfortable as possible.

Some parents may be a little hesitant about having a newborn session in their home because they are worried about their house being clean enough or about having décor or backgrounds that will look good in photos. The photographer can often help out in both these situations by reassuring the family that a little clutter is natural and more authentic to the hectic lives of new parents, while even the simplest décor can create a lovely minimalist look for lifestyle images.

If you’re looking for images that capture your family in a genuine and authentic way, then lifestyle newborn photography might be for you! Check out our portfolio for more information! Click here!