Why visiting a private Santa is a better experience than the mall Santa


Taking your young child to see Santa Claus at Christmas time is a wonderful way to create family memories and add a little extra magic to your child’s holidays. Plus, a visit with Santa gives your child the unique opportunity to tell Saint Nick in person what they would like for Christmas!

Unfortunately, the traditional shopping mall Santa Claus experience is not as magical as visiting the North Pole should feel. Often the lines are long, some children are crying and parents and kids alike tend to feel rushed through the experience, just to get a few quick photos that are often overpriced. With COVID-19 still a major concern, many parents will opt out of the mall Santa visit because of health and safety concerns.

What if there was a better way to let your child experience the magic of visiting Saint Nick during the holiday season? What if your child could have quality one-on-one time with Saint Nick and you could get high-quality, professional images to share with family and friends?

Here is a link from a socially distanced session.

That’s where the private Santa experience comes in. Instead of a quick visit after waiting in line, you get a designated amount of time for your child to spend with St. Nick, and every moment is captured by highly trained and skilled photographers. You can then purchase digital images, prints and even products like wall art, ornaments or Christmas cards to share with all your loved ones across the country and around the world.

The private Santa photo experience allows you and your child to create magical Christmas memories. Children actually have the opportunity to get genuine one-on-one time with him without you or them feeling hurried or rushed. There is no pressure to purchase anything, but once you see the photos, you’ll likely want to have them as family keepsakes!

Here is a link from a normal sitting on Santa's lap session.

Since some children get frightened when placed on Santa’s life, the private Santa experience is a perfect way to allow your child to move at their own pace. They get to direct the encounter and interact with Santa Claus as much as they feel comfortable. And you get to watch as Christmas comes alive for your little one!

A personalized experience with Santa is much better than a rushed experience at the mall. Not only is a private experience more enjoyable, but we take care to thoroughly sanitize the set and every prop between each session, ensuring that your child stays safe and healthy. Plus, you get images you truly love, instead of standard images with no skill or artistry behind them. Our photographers work hard to capture genuine, candid moments between your child and Santa Claus, creating photos that will make you smile for years to come.

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