Is newborn photography worth it?

first family photo

Professional newborn photography is an investment, and some parents may wonder if it’s really worth it. “How often will I look back at these images?” you might wonder. “Will I be grateful to have these photos 10 or 20 years down the road?”

However, most people don’t hesitate to invest in wedding photography—and with good reason! Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and one you will want to remember forever. Once the reception is over and all your guests have gone home, your images will be the only thing left to remind you of that special day.

Your wedding day isn’t the only major milestone in your life. The birth of your child is just as important and marks a huge change in your family. Don’t you want to remember those first days with your new baby in the years and decades to come?

Just like your wedding photos, the images from a newborn photography session allow you to hang on to those memories of your child as they grow and begin to crawl and even walk. When your baby becomes a toddler and even a teenager, you’ll have these photos to remind you of where this incredible journey began.

You will never regret having photos

Do you regret having photos of other moments in your life? Do you look at your graduation or engagement photos and think, “I wish I hadn’t taken these”? Of course not! Photography is one of the few ways we have to freeze a moment in time and hold onto it for the rest of our lives.

However, I’ve definitely run into people who regret not having photos of important moments. They wish they had invested in their memories and captured images that would remind them of the biggest moments in their lives—and the small ones too.

When you’re busy preparing for your baby’s arrival, a newborn session may seem like the least of your concerns. But in the future, when your child grows, you will be so grateful to have photos of their first days in the world to look back on.

You only have one chance to take these photos

Newborn photos can only be taken in a short window of time. If your family photos or engagement photos don’t turn out the way you want, you can reshoot them and try again. But your baby is only small for a little while, and infants grow and change incredibly quickly. The older your child gets, the less time you have to take newborn photos. Having images of your baby at their newest and smallest is something you’ll cherish. You don’t want to miss that opportunity.

Your photos will become family heirlooms

Have you ever looked back at old photo albums? Maybe you’ve noticed a resemblance between you and a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle. It’s wonderful to know where we came from and what traits have been passed down through the years. Your children and future grandchildren will want the same thing!

The photos your family takes may not seem like a big deal to you, but they become part of your family’s history and legacy. Future generations will be able to look back at your images and see what life was like when your kids were born—and see if they resemble their relatives. And, if you start taking photos regularly, it may become a tradition your family keeps up for decades to come.

Your photos will one day be the only thing left

It may sound morbid, but we all know that life isn’t forever. Photos are a way of holding on to people that have passed and remembering them even when they’re gone. That’s why photography is so important. If you’re even in doubt about whether to have photos taken, just take the photos. Your loved ones will be grateful for any images of you they can cherish when you’re gone. And in the years to come, you’ll be grateful for any photos that can remind you of the most important and special moments in your life.


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