A baby portrait of a baby girl yawning while resting in a heart shaped photography prop with her family's hands around her for a dreamy pink newborn session in Delran, New Jersey.
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Dreamy Pink Newborn Session – Southampton NJ Photographer

Dreamy Pink Newborn Session – Southampton NJ Photographer

We welcomed Gillian and her family at our studio for their daughters’ first newborn portraits in the early spring of 2024. Actually, Gillian found us through Google and after looking at what we offered with our sessions decided to book a dreamy pink newborn session. A few of the things she loved were that hair and make-up were included. Literally, you just have to show up and the make-up artist will take care of everything for you. We have dresses available in our boutique for our mom clients to choose from and newborn outfits so you don’t have to purchase one.

The Dreamy Pink Newborn Session

First, we began with their daughter’s baby portraits while Gillian was getting pampered. She was so sleepy and serene, that we were able to easily place her in some of our favorite props. The tiny white baby crib is so cute and we love using it for sessions when we can. Sometimes, babies are just a little too big, but for this session the crib was perfect. Of course, we did the classic bucket pose and used our heart-shaped photography prop for this session. Again, she fits perfectly in both and we always ensure child safety so our in-studio assistant is always nearby.

Then, we transitioned to our white set where we took classic family photos. Clearly, their eldest daughter was so sweet and happy to be there. Also, we allow dogs in the studio which she loved! We enjoy having dogs in the studio because they are just like big toddlers to us. Dogs are so funny and they give us and the toddlers lots of giggles.

Certainly, we were sure to take tons of sibling photos of both sisters and their adorable puppy. We also took solo portraits of the baby with each parent against our light and bright set. This dreamy pink newborn session was so much fun and we hope to see Gillian and her family in the studio again soon!

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