A photo of a man and woman standing and holding hands as their three children are in the background during their lovely spring family session in Southampton, New Jersey.

Moorestown NJ Photographer – Lovely Spring Family Session

Lovely Spring Family Session – Moorestown NJ Photographer

Cristen and her family have been mini-session clients with us for nearly two years. We are very excited to finally have them in the studio for a full family session. Actually, Cristen and her long-term boyfriend are recently engaged. Certainly, we took some time during their family session to take beautiful portraits of them alone. Of course, sibling portraits are a must when we have multiple kiddos in the studio. This family session was so fun, their boys were such a blast to have in the studio.

The Spring Family Session

First, we began with full family portraits of Cristen and her boys in our white set. Actually, we like to start here when we have toddlers in the studio because they can stay close to either mom or dad. This gives them time to know they are in a safe space and get used to the flash when taking pictures. Lifestyle photography is ideal in situations where there are multiple children in the studio. Capturing authentic smiles is the best! Then, Jackie expertly posed the couple with their boys in the background. The outfits Cristine chose for their lovely spring family session were perfect!

Certainly, we had to take a photo of Cristen alone with her three boys. Clearly, you can see that they absolutely adore their mother, it was so sweet to see. Also, Cristen brought matching outfits for the family, they wanted to proudly represent their favorite baseball team, the Yankees. Finally, we concluded their lovely spring family session with their boys handing out and playing in the bedtime set. We are so very excited for Cristen and what the future holds for her beautiful family. What is your favorite baseball team? Would you incorporate it in your family session?

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