Newborn boy, wrapped in laying on textured blanket on mini crib, photography prop adorned with leaves in greenery for his fall in-studio newborn session taken in Wrightstown, New Jersey.

Fall Maternity and Newborn Session

Fall Maternity and Newborn Session

We welcomed Danielle and her husband into our studio in the Fall for a maternity session. Luckily behind our studio, we have some beautiful greenery so we decided to make it a partial outdoor session as well. Danielle chose this beautiful emerald maternity dress for her outdoor session and a similar white one for the indoor session. The newborn session features very neat and creative composite photos as well.

First, we took several couple maternity photos outside. It was such a beautiful day and the emerald dress was perfect for the day. Then, we went inside for our famous backlit set. Our backlit set is a client favorite because it is such a classic backdrop that is perfect for before and after photos. Finally, we finished Danielle’s maternity session with a more intimate set which is in their private collection.

A few months later, their baby boy came in for his newborn session. We used a lot of composites for this session. The guitar image was taken while the baby was resting on a beanbag photography prop. Then, with the use of Photoshop, our editor placed him on the guitar. Certainly, a newborn will never be suspended in the air for a photo. Also, a beautiful artist that creates watercolor paintings made the airplanes, we then photoshopped the baby into the image. Composites are great for achieving a look that the imagination inspires! This Fall maternity and newborn session was so much fun! Would you like a composite image for your newborn session?

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