Family of six and dog smiling at camera for their lifestyle portraits in Hamilton, New Jersey.

In-Home Lifestyle Family Session

In-Home Lifestyle Family Session

Theresa is a fellow photographer in Ocean City, New Jersey who is absolutely amazing. Not only was this family session a blast to photograph, but her boys were in their element which made for awesome, candid portraits. Lifestyle sessions include minimal guidance on our part, where the family dynamic can be captured and conveyed in portraits. These are some of my favorite images from Theresa’s session.

Mom and dad with their four boys snuggling on bed for their in-home lifestyle family session in Ocean City, New Jersey.

Actually, I love Theresa’s family, because her family resembles mine. Similarly, I too have an all-boys family.

In the same fashion, I love that she embraces the craziness of being a parent. As we know, schedules and routines are essential for maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Of course, fun and fulfilling activities for the kids are also important.

Family of six and dog smiling at camera for their lifestyle portraits in Hamilton, New Jersey.

Actually, we decided on an in-home session so that we could incorporate anything that they like to do as a family. For example, we loved the indoor play area that the boys have at their disposal. We were able to capture them completely immersed in their playtime which spurred natural emotion. We captured joy!

Truly, it was a pleasure to photograph Theresa and her family in their beautiful home. Not to mention, this in-home lifestyle session produced tons of fun family portraits, because their home really fostered and evoked their natural personality, which they will be able to look back on for years to come! Would you like an in-home family session? Have a special location for your next lifestyle session? We would love to plan with you!

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Candid picture of mom and dad playing with their sons for their in-home lifestyle family session in Burlington, New Jersey.

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