Highlighting Clients’ Aesthetics

Highlighting Clients’ Aesthetics

This blog is all about why highlighting clients’ aesthetics is so important! If you really think about it it’s quite simple. Why would a client want a dark cherry wood frame if all of the other frames in their house are white? We need to know what styles our clients are into. Is all of their decor light and bright? Dark and moody perhaps? Maybe they love the boho or farmhouse theme. That modern clean feel is what they are going for at the moment. Ok, so WHY do we need to even know that? Continue on while I highlight products and the custom sessions!

Pregnant mom in a milk bath at her maternity photoshoot

Let’s start off with products first. As I mentioned above, why would a client that has all white frames in their home pick a cherry wood frame for their wall art piece? They wouldn’t haha…they’d want a white frame to go with their white frames that they already have hanging up at home. When we have those little details we can show them all of our white frames that we offer for wall art pieces, and try to match them up for them. They might have a love for wood wall art or canvas, and not like the traditional framed look. If we know these details, we can show our clients what we offer so that they know there are many different options. Then we can help them achieve the look they’re going for with their style!

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Moving onto custom sessions now! We ask in our inquiry forms what the client likes the most. Some people choose light, bright, and airy. Some choose dark and moody. This is circling back around to knowing their style and aesthetic within their home. We wouldn’t put a client that likes the white natural boho look in a black dress with a dark grey backdrop. We will keep them light and airy right? Knowing that boho is their vibe, we can put them in white or lace. Keep the backdrop light, and maybe add in some plants to keep the clean look. Our clients want to display their photos and products in their homes. They will want it to go with their style!

Pregnant mom posing at her maternity photoshoot

Looking for some help getting your custom session you’ve been dreaming of? Also, need some help matching your decor and getting the perfect wall art pieces to complete your photo walls? You can inquire here on our website! We look forward to helping you capture these memories for you to look back on for years to come 🙂

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