Newborn baby girl posed at her newborn photoshoot

In-Studio Maternity and Newborn Session

In-Studio Maternity and Newborn Session

We welcomed Alexis and her family into our Marlton, NJ studio in November 2021 and January 2022 for their in-studio maternity and newborn session! Both sessions were so amazing! Alexis’s ideas that she found on Pinterest were so creative! We also loved that she liked the dramatic look. Starting with Maternity, she loved the fluffy dress look and she ROCKED it! I also love that Carlos (dad) went shirtless for these. It gives off the most romantic vibes 🙂

Pregnant mom and dad posing at their maternity photoshoot

If you thought the nude fluffy dress was amazing, look at her in our black bodysuit! The contrast with the white background and black bodysuit is just perfection! I’m obsessed with this, and wait until you see the same photo with baby below in the newborn portion.

Pregnant mom posing at her maternity photoshoot

This is my favorite couples photo from this session. I love that Alexis and Carlos match, and again the contrast is so beautiful! This photo has a ethereal feel to it and I know that they will both love looking back at this years down the road. Just beautiful!

Pregnant mom and dad posing at their maternity photoshoot

Moving onto newborn, meet sweet baby girl Sylvie! She was soooo adorable and a dream to photograph! Sleeping the whole time and she let us move her around without any drama ;). I literally can’t handle those little lips and tongue peeking out hahaha! Her hand placement is also all natural, and I love it :). I love the cloud look for these bedtime sets. It also adds amazing texture to the photo!

Newborn baby girl posed at her newborn photoshoot

Remember the black bodysuit above? That was the before (or in the belly picture), and this is the AFTER! I can’t even explain how obsessed I am with this. It’s so creative, and sweet Sylvie is so precious laying on her mommy!

Mom posing with her newborn baby girl at their newborn photoshoot

My favorite family photo! You all already know that backlit is my ultimate favorite anyways hahaha! Ethereal comes to mind again with this shot. I love mom and dad in the white. Also, look at sweet baby Sylvie smiling!!! Sometimes I just get lucky with little smirks, but this smile with her mommy and daddy is a little miracle!

Mom and dad posing with their newborn baby girl at their newborn photoshoot

Seriously these sessions were so amazing! This amazing family is one of our baby planners, so I can’t wait to see Sylvie grow into a big one year old! Of course when she does I’ll blog it and link this one so we can look back and reminace ;). I know that they will look back on these photos and love them for years to come! Are you pregnant and thinking about a maternity or newborn session? You can find out more information on our website here, and also put in an inquiry. Don’t forget to ask about our baby plan for ultimate savings ;). We can’t wait to hear your ideas, and plan your perfect session as well!

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