Why Do We Do Inquiry Calls

Why Do We Do Inquiry Calls

Hi 🙂 I’m Olivia, and I do all of the calls! Here’s a little introduction of myself. Jackie hired me in December 2020 (officially started in January 2021), and she and I are so close! We have been deemed baby whisperers, and our flow in the studio is so smooth! All of the inquiry calls for Stinsman Photography come to me. I also write our blogs and manage our social media.

I have been in the studio with Jackie for over a year now. Seeing many of your faces in the studio has made me so happy! I pride myself on quick replies and customer service. Literally, all I want is for you to have a happy experience. From inquiry call, session, and all the way to receiving your products from us, we want you to be happy! I’ll post some photos below of myself to put a face to my name :). Now it’s time to get into the why’s of an inquiry call, and why I do what I do, so keep reading after the photos.

Ok, seriously thanks for reading my little intro, I know it was lengthy ;).

Why do I do our inquiry calls? I have clients that really do ask me that question sometimes! The answer to that in a nutshell is to inform our clients of our process, products, and pricing. While you may think to yourself “yea, I can see most of that on the website”…I have never once done a call and not had our clients thank me for the explanation.

Have you ever wanted to know the price of a service, and you look online or called just to still be slightly confused? I get to provide you with the ins and outs of our company. I detail the process, what you can expect, how we differ from other photographers, and what to do/ expect next. There’s also the pricing aspect, and I inform everyone of what’s included in our session fee versus the packages we offer for your photos and product. This is where I get many of my “aha!” moments from clients because this can be slightly confusing when looking things up online.

P.S.- This is also where I fill you in if you could get some potential savings by bundling… HELLO to my baby planners 😉

Not only do I get to help you with that, but I also include another vital step: gathering DETAILS. I take down all of your ideas, information, and wants for us to make your customized session. I have even helped many that have no idea what they want with potential ideas based on their aesthetic/ vibe alone! Why do I do all of that? Because you will get a design consultation with Jackie still, it helps this step go smoothly! This circles back to customer service, and us making you happy.

Sheesh… I know that was a lot! Now that I’ve given you the details on the calls, are you ready to move forward with that inquiry?? You can inquire here on our website, and you better believe I will be speedy and get back to you quickly hahaha! I can’t wait to hear from you! I also can’t wait to begin making your session uniquely YOU, and help you plan a session that you will look back on for years to come and reminisce!

Also, if you want to see some of our behind-the-scenes or keep up to date on events with us, here is our Facebook page.

Also, an added extra, here’s our Pinterest boards in case you are in need of some inspiration!

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