Yearly Family Photos are Important

Yearly Family Photos are Important

Are yearly family photos important? The short answer to this is yes! Growth and change can happen so quickly, and it’s important to document that. Have you ever looked at your baby’s newborn photos when they’re 4 months old, and you can see the change in their little features? How about snapping a photo of your child’s first day of first grade, and you look back at the first day of Kindergarten from the year prior to reminisce? That first grader may look like a KID to you rather than the little baby-faced Kindergartener from last year! Being able to see everyone’s growth as a family by having family photos done yearly will be so special to you. Looking back at those memories will last you a lifetime!

A fun fact, when you take yearly photos, it actually boosts children’s self-esteem. Psychologists actually say that children seeing family photos with themselves included helps the child see that they are a part of a family unit and that they belong. Family photos also work as a visual representation that the child can see they are cherished and loved! Who doesn’t want that?! This sweet family below I have captured pregnancy, newborn, sitter session, first birthday, holiday photos, and their second baby’s newborn now. Their baby girl Lily’s growth is amazing to look back on.

While taking photos professionally can seem daunting at times, we do our best to keep everything well planned, organized, and as stress-free as possible! We’re moms and can get how stressful this process is. Patience and putting you at ease is our specialty. Remember this is and can be very fun :).

The next gallery below is a family that I have been photographing for NINE years! Honored isn’t even a strong enough word that I have for this family. This is Lesley and Drew. Drew is a high school friend of mine that reached out wanting me to photograph his surprise engagement. From there, I have photographed their wedding, pregnancy, fresh 48, and newborn photos of their daughter Molly. Some holiday sessions and minis, a sitter session for Molly, and finally their pregnancy and newborn photos of their brand new baby girl Sabine. This is your perfect example of family growth!

Are you ready to move forward with planning your own family session now that you’ve read up on the benefits? Just shoot us an inquiry. When you go to our website, the forms can be found and completed here. We can’t wait to get started planning with you! 🙂

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