Parents walking with their girls at their family photoshoot

Cemetery Fall Family Photoshoot

Cemetery Fall Family Photoshoot

We ventured out for a cemetery fall family photoshoot back in November 2021 for the Daley family. I met Jen from a playgroup that I took Christian (my oldest son) to back when he was 18 months to when he was about 2 and a half. Our oldest 2 are around the same age, and we stayed friends on Facebook. It’s such an honor to photograph people that I know in real life, especially when it’s been some time since we’ve been able to hang out! Sometimes it can be a little nervewrecking for people that know me to let me photograph them since it can be intimate, but the Daley family was amazing, and we had so much fun!

Mom and dad posing with their little girls at their family photoshoot

This session was at Lakeview Cemetery in Cinnaminson, NJ. I know might it might sound crazy, but it’s actually a really popular spot for wedding photography. The views of the lake and the scenery is just beautiful! Jen and her husband Michael are actually work at a local funeral. So in a way, this was a fun little fact and felt meant to be hahaha!

Parents posing with their daughters at their family photoshoot

Their daughters Emily and Whinnie are just absolutely precious. They were little stars of the show, and I adore this photo so much! Two blonde little beauties!

Sisters posing for their family photoshoot

I love that Jen just embraces the sillies that comes with two young kids, and just let them have fun. It’s always great when the kids and parents just play. As you can see, it makes for the best candid shots!

Mom playing with her daughters at their family photoshoot

This final photo is my personal favorite! The girls are having a blast just playing and living their best lives hahaha! Mom and dad in the back just smirking away at their baby girls. A photo that will bring back this memory for them for a lifetime!

Mom and dad watching their little girls play at their family photoshoot

This photoshoot was so much fun, and I know that these photos mean so much to them! They will be able to look back on these for a lifetime. Are you wanting family photos done soon? We are already booking for fall of 2022, so you can inquire here on our website to secure tour spot!

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