One year old boy posed at his milestone photoshoot

Moon and Stars Milestone Photoshoot

Moon and Stars Milestone Photoshoot

We welcomed baby Remy and his parents back into our Southampton studio for his moon and stars milestone photoshoot at the beginning of this year (2022). Kathleen (mom) wanted a star and moon theme with blues, whites, and golds. I loved this theme because it’s cute and simple. We photographed baby Remy for his newborn session linked here if you’d like to see his growth! Remy was literally the cutest and HAPPIEST boy. His happiness and energy were so contagious, and we had an absolute blast with him! Look at that sweet smile!!

One year old boy posed at his milestone photoshoot

We always do an updated family photo at every session, so we had to get Remy with his mommy and daddy! I love the simple white background. This is our wall next to our sheers, and it gives the best lighting! This was one of our easiest first birthday sessions ever because Remy literally smiled on cue like this every time hahaha!

Parents posing with their one year old boy at their milestone photoshoot

After the family portion and the white highchair, it was time to dig into that cake! Of course, we used our amazing baker at Golden Sun Artistry. The matching that she did with this cake to the theme was just amazing! Remy was changed into this adorable diaper cover, suspenders, and bowtie. I can’t get over how cute he is!

One year old boy posed at his milestone photoshoot

Once the cake smashing was over it was tub time! Remy had a ball in our white clawfoot tub. Look at this big cheese and wave hahahaha! He was an absolute ham, and I just can’t even get over it!

Baby boy smiling at his first birthday photoshoot

I have to include one more tub-time photo because he was seriously too cute. This is one of my favorite angles to shoot while they’re in the tub. Remy followed me and just posed/smiled so perfectly. Look at the blue cake on his face still hahaha!

Baby boy smiling at his milestone photoshoot

This session was the best! Remy was so happy! Just as an example, we normally take around an hour for milestone sessions. His was 45 minutes or less because he was so happy and cooperative. I just adore this family! Are you about to start planning a first birthday milestone session for your baby? You can find more information here on our website. Send us an inquiry so that we can get started on creating your perfect custom session 🙂

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One year old boy posed at his milestone photoshoot

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