Newborn Photoshoot in Southampton, NJ

Newborn Photoshoot in Southampton, NJ

We welcomed the Dunlap family into our studio back in September 2021 for a newborn photoshoot in Southampton, NJ for their baby girl Aria! Kerrie (mom) was our first client when we added hair and makeup included into our session fee. Natural makeup was her preference, and she looks amazing! She loved it because as a new tired mom, this took something off her plate and made her feel so amazing for her session! Baby Aria was a little angel, I mean look at how precious!!

Newborn baby girl posed with her mom at her newborn photoshoot

Aria slept like…well a baby hahaha!! She was so easy to pose. We always use these little rainbow hearts at all of our sessions, and I just love how she’s holding one of them! This is also one of our new simple ribbon bows in pink. Mom liked the idea of pops of pink for her session. What our clients want, we make it happen 😉

Newborn baby girl posed at her newborn photoshoot

Dad is in the Air Force. We just adore it when our clients bring in props for us to use like this! It’s so special to have a photo of your baby with items like this because it captures this moment in time for you to look back on. Aria looks so tiny and adorable with her daddy’s flight suit!

Newborn baby girl posed at her newborn photoshoot

Look at her in this little nightcap! She’s so stinkin’ cute! She looks like she’s pondering something pretty serious too hahaha! I love the pink flowers and greenery added to the bedtime set. The cream textures of the bedding look so amazing as well.

Newborn baby girl posed at her newborn photoshoot

This color backlit photo is just amazing! I love how mom and dad are looking into each other’s eyes. Baby Aria is just totally comfortable and content here between mom and dad too. Seriously LOVE this one.

Mom and dad posing with their newborn baby girl at their newborn photoshoot

This newborn session with baby Aria is definitely one for the books ;). She was seriously a little dream to photograph, and mom and dad were so chill and amazing which always makes for the best sessions. We like to keep it relaxed and stress-free over here! Are you pregnant and beginning to look for a maternity and newborn photographer? Look no further! We would love to help you design your perfect custom session. You can send us an inquiry here, and we will be happy to discuss all of your options and our process 🙂

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