Maternity and Newborn Photoshoots

Maternity and Newborn Photoshoots

We welcomed Beth into our studio in Southampton, NJ for her milk bath maternity and newborn photoshoots. She is actually a past co-worker of mine from when I worked at the hospital. These maternity and newborn sessions were amazing, and wait till you see her sweet baby girl Layla! Beth had some amazing ideas for her maternity session that she had found on Instagram and Pinterest. I love when we get to add some drama to our sessions ;). How amazing does she look in this black hat and bodysuit?!

Pregnant mom posing at her maternity photoshoot

Well, I got a little excited with the photo above so we are going back to the beginning hahaha! We started outside with Beth in our white lacy boho dress, and she jazzed it up with this amazing camel-colored hat! I’m obsessed with this look.

Pregnant mom posing at her maternity photoshoot

Ending her gorgeous maternity session in a milk bath was definitely the way to go! She had the most perfect round bump which made this side shot the perfect angle for her. A lot of our mamas like the coordinating flowers of their baby’s gender for their milk bath. The pink and yellow flowers were the perfect choices for her since she went with the white lace gown for the milk bath! They just pop beautifully against the white.

Pregnant mom in a milk bath at her maternity photoshoot

Now introducing baby Layla! Dad came in for her newborn session as well, and I couldn’t be happier with how their family photos went. Believe it or not, this is baby number 7 between the two of them. They look so amazing for their age! It’s dad’s first biological baby girl, and needless to say, baby Layla is about to be SPOILED hahaha! Also, all those big brothers when she gets older…hahaha!

Newborn baby girl posed with her parents at her newborn photoshoot

Beth loves fall colors and pink. So the mauve seemed fitting for Layla’s wraps and headbands. Mauve is definitely more fall/ neutral over a baby pink. She literally looks like a little doll here! How precious is she?! Also, look at that hair! I’m in love haha.

Newborn baby girl posed at her newborn photoshoot

Last but definitely not least, is the adorable bed scene. The flowers and greenery here are unmatched! I’m in love with the placement of it. How sweet is little Layla?! I can’t get enough of her. Sleeping peacefully like the little angel that she is!

Newborn baby girl posed at her newborn photoshoot

Beth choosing us to do her maternity and newborn photos is seriously such an honor! These dual blogs are my favorites to write because we all love to see these sessions come full circle. Return clients will never know how much they mean to me and my small business! Are you looking to have maternity or newborn sessions done soon? If the answer to that is yes, then definitely ask about our baby plan because it’s our best deal. You can go onto our website here to inquire, and we will be more than happy to answer all of your questions! We can’t wait to help you plan your perfect sessions 🙂

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