Mom and daughter posing at family photoshoot

Palmyra Outdoor Family Session

Palmyra Outdoor Family Session

We ventured out to Palmyra Nature Cove with the Ansorge family last October for an amazing Palmyra outdoor family session! Heather found us from a Facebook group while searching for a photographer. She reached out by Google after reading our reviews from our past amazing clients, and I’m so thankful that she chose us to capture this session!

Mom, dad, and daughter posing at their family photoshoot

Heather wanted some poses and plenty of her little girl Chloe. Chloe was an absolute dream and so sweet! Her little dress was so adorable, and it was so perfect on her skin tone and went so well with the wooded area we were shooting at.

Little girl posing at her family photoshoot

This silhouette pose is one of my favorites! I’ve talked in previous blogs about this kind of photo. The sun was perfect this day! I think it puts a different spin on just a traditional family photo, and really emphasizes details for this moment in time. They will be able to look back on this photo in years to come and realize how tiny Chloe was during this session.

Parents and their daughter posing at their family photoshoot

Now onto the candid photos! Heather wanted posed but not too posed, so this is the time to have fun and play during a session! Mom and dad snuggling Chloe is so sweet. Her little hands holding their fingers and their smiles are just precious!

Mom and dad snuggling their little girl at their family photoshoot

A little mommy and me stroll. I seriously am in love with this photo. Heather listening to Chloe while they’re walking is so sweet! Also, let’s just appreciate their outfits for a second! The green dresses and their similar sandals are just too cute.

Mom and daughter posing at family photoshoot

This was such a fun session. The Ansorge family was so photogenic and laid back, and it was as perfect as I could have hoped for! Are you starting to get your family photo ideas for the year? We start getting a lot of inquiries for springtime sessions around this time of year. If you have your ideas and you’re ready to start planning you can find all of our family session information here on our website. We can’t wait to hear all about your ideas and start planning đŸ™‚

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