Newborn and Sibling Photoshoot

Newborn and Sibling Photoshoot

We welcomed sweet baby Michael into our Moorestown, NJ studio back in April for his newborn and sibling photoshoot. He came to us at a little over one-month-old, so it was tough to get photos of him asleep because he was so alert and had a serious problem with fears of missing out on something HAHAHA! His big sisters Jayden and Jenna were such a big help, and you could just tell they were so obsessed with their new baby brother!

Newborn baby boy and his sisters posed at his newborn photoshoot

Michael was such a good boy this entire session. He didn’t fuss at all and was such a chill baby! I love this picture so much because it shows his adorable features, and I love his personalized blanket too! He has the prettiest shade of blonde hair and it was already so long.

Newborn baby boy posed at his newborn photoshoot.

This photo of the girls playing with their baby brother is so precious! We love to add in different textures during sessions, and this photo shows it perfectly with the cream fur rug and knitted blanket under Michael. Also, I think we can all agree that newborn baby smells is the best. Just look at his sister’s faces hahaha!

Newborn baby boy posed with his sisters at his newborn photoshoot

Michael’s dad owns a construction company, and when his mom Jenn mentioned it as a theme I loved it! She brought in this adorable Tonka truck that we laid him in, and we surrounded it with his dad’s construction items and tools. I love this so much!!

Newborn baby boy asleep at his newborn photoshoot

This next photo is my absolute favorite from the entire session. Jayden and Jenna snuggling their baby brother in this shot just gives me chills! It was so serene while we were taking these photos and it’s portrayed here so beautifully!

Newborn baby boy posed with his sisters at his newborn photoshoot

Wasn’t baby Michael’s session just so precious?! We loved capturing this moment in time for this amazing family! Are you ready to get started planning your newborn session? Don’t wait too long because we’re almost fully booked for this year. On our website, you can look at our newborn sessions and inquire here.

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