Newborn Baby Girl Photographs-Moorestown, NJ

Newborn Baby Girl Photographs-Moorestown, NJ

We welcomed baby River into our Moorestown, NJ studio along with her mom (Raquel), dad (Frank), and big sister (Naomi) for her newborn baby girl photographs. We had so much fun, and she was wide awake and happy for the whole session. Look at her adorable little smirk in this family photo below!

Parents posing with their little girls at their newborn photoshoot

Big sister Naomi was so helpful this entire session, and you could tell how much she adored her baby sister! What a sweet cuddle here. River’s little smirk got me every time hahaha! Also, can you even handle how much dark hair she has??? I love it so much!

Newborn baby girl smirking while her big sister snuggles at her newborn photoshoot

Look at her looking right at me here in this photo! It’s one thing to have an awake and happy baby, but to have one awake, happy, and looking at me is another LOL! She made my job too easy. I love this shot because we got all of her adorable details like her little fingers, nails, eyebrows, and little lips! So precious.

Newborn baby girl posed at her newborn photoshoot

As most of you know already, backlit photos are one of my favorites, especially in black and white. It also helps that mom loved black and white as well ;). I can’t get over how River is looking up at her mom and dad giving kisses. I adore this photo!

Parents kissing and holding their newborn baby girl at their newborn photoshoot

Before we ended, we had to do a bedtime set. I love all of the floral pieces with the purple added. As always, we love using different whites and creams as well as different textures. River once again made my job easy (haha!) and looked right at me for this beautiful photo!

Newborn baby girl posed at her newborn photoshoot

Wasn’t baby River just too precious?! Seriously one of the best babies to work with. She was so photogenic haha! If you are looking to book newborn photos you can find our website here to look and inquire about them. Don’t wait too long though, because we only have a couple of sessions left for booking for the rest of this year! We can’ wait to make the best memories with you and your family 🙂

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