Newborn Twin Photoshoot

Newborn Twin Photoshoot

We welcomed the Kohr family into our Moorestown studio for their newborn twin photoshoot for their twin baby boy and girl. Jameson is their baby boy, and he came in alert and ready to go. Baby Olivia slept the whole time and was such a good girl! These babies were the SWEETEST!

Mom and dad holding their twins at their newborn photoshoot

Jameson and Olivia are IVF babies, so we had to include that in the session. I adore this photo so much. The heart basket with the needles tracing the heart is so beautiful. We love adding in special items like this that we know are so important to mom and dad.

Newborn twins posed with IVF needles at newborn photoshoot

When we have twins I feel like it’s very important to make sure that they each have a photo with mom and dad separately so they can look back on that special moment with just them in the future 🙂 The next two photos are of mom and dad with each baby separately.

Mom and dad posing with their newborn son at their newborn photoshoot
Mom and dad holding their newborn daughter at their newborn photoshoot

We were finally able to get little mister Jameson asleep right in time for the bedtime set ;). The sage and mauve wraps are a favorite of mine this year. Seriously, how precious are these two snuggling in this little bed together?! Olivia’s hair is so long and beautiful. We couldn’t get over it the whole time.

Newborn twins posed at their newborn photoshoot

This black and white shot is one of our absolute favorites. Being able to get them nose to nose is so sweet and allows all of their adorable features to be seen! It also lets you see their tiny differences.

newborn twins posed at their newborn photoshoot

Wasn’t this session just so sweet?? Newborn sessions always give me baby fever, but to add in TWO adorable babies was just so fun! I loved seeing each baby’s differences and watch them with their amazing mom and dad! Are you ready to book your newborn session? We are almost completely full for this year (yes I said this year hahaha?), so don’t waste too much time reaching out ;). We can’t wait to work with you, and make a memory for you that will last a lifetime! Our website is Here for you to read more about our newborn sessions and inquire!

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